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Becky in Denison, TX *****
Rudy Garza did an excellent job helping us get our new roof. Made the whole process very easy. They got the job done very quickly and it looks great. We went with the black shingles made a big difference on the appearance of my home. I highly recommend K&M Roofing. Thanks again Rudy Garza
Sharon in Anna, TX *****
Very happy with the service we received from Tom Groves. He kept us updated at all times and even during the installation of the roof where there were some issues was sending pictures so we could see the issue. We would highly recommend K & M Roofing along with Tom Groves and Willie Reeder.
Jaymie in Sherman, TX *****
If you’re in need of a new roof , or even thinking that you have been needing to find someone to help decide the necessity for one but not sure how to go about it, please contact my great friend Jason Brown. Jason and the guys at K&M helped out my dad and made the roof inspection comfortable and the process easy to understand. I can not say enough how much I appreciate Jason making this experience not overwhelming for my dad and for him to trust that they would take good care of him with no pressure or obligations. Hit him up ! You won’t regret it !
*Contact Jason text, call +1 (903) 744-3609 and he will get right back to you
William in Sherman, TX *****
Michael was superb at getting our house done quickly, and his crew did an excellent job on our new roof. He dealt with a mortgage company that we have that didn’t know what they were doing. I highly recommend him for anyone needing a new roof.
Mark in DENISON, TX *****
Rudy Garza and his group from K&M Roofing and Construction in Sherman Texas, just finished doing my roof and gutter after hail and high winds put an end to it. They worked great with the insurance company and got the whole thing paid for with no problems. Any little issue was taken care of immediately and the roof is beautiful. Thanks so much Rudy Garza and Mike Yamada, who did gutters. If you are in need of a new roof or aren't even sure, call Rudy direct at 903-819-3371 or call K&M at 903-870-6748, and have then come and take a look, it is free. Also voted Texoma Best, which is a big thing in this area and how I found them. They can be trusted to do a great job and the right thing and a easy and pleasant to work with. Thanks again Rudy Garza
Holly in Denison, TX *****
K&M roofing did and excellent job replacing the roofs on our 2 business locations. Steve D. Is awesome ! He handled the insurance company and took the stress off of us. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND K&M Roofing !! Steve D. Was available through the whole process , checking up on things to make sure we were satisfied , answering questions and making sure everything was going smoothly. Honestly I was pleasantly shocked at the level of customer service . Thanks Guys!!! Ms.Holly , Kiddie Kampus
Ron in Madill, OK *****
I am very pleased with K&M and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. Tom Groves cold called on us and was there with me every step of the way, giving me a great comfort level, as he was present when the insurance adjuster inspected and every day when the work was being done. They did a wonderful job and did everything we agreed to. This job was a large commercial roof and it now looks beautiful without any leakage. Tom stayed in constant communication through out the entire process. Thank you Tom Groves and K&M! job well done!
Ron Armitage
Senior Pastor
Trinity Southern Baptist
Madill, OK 73446
Jim in Pottsboro, TX *****
We would likely not have gotten a new roof had it not been for K and M Roofing and particularly for the diligence of Tom Groves. He was with us through the entire process. He stayed with his crew and kept us informed every step of the way. We highly recommend this very honest group of people.
Larry in Sherman, TX ****
In April we had heavy winds and hail. I called K&M Roofing. Bryan came out and checked the roof and said I needed a new roof. We called the Insurance company to start a claim. Bryan was there when the insurance adjuster came to see the roof.They agreed with Bryans and said I needed a new roof. If it had not been for Bryan I would have never have gotten a new roof
Curtis in Caddo, OK *****
Bryan & Tom Recommendation:
K&M Roofing and Construction
Spring April, 2020.
Caddo, Oklahoma
We received damage from a hail storm that did heavy damage to our roof, which we notified our insurance company to file a claim. Catastrophic teams were dispatched to the area and adjusters were adjusting claims.
On the day that the estimate was taking place, a contractor identified their selves, Bryan and Tom and asked if they could view the property also, which my wife allowed. Bryan and Tom were very pilot and respectful, identified several areas that were in need of repair. We were fortunate that we did not have any leaks or broken windows associated with the damage. Bryan and Tom came to the same conclusion that we did not have any imminent leaks or damage that could result in serious damage, but Bryan and Tom did say that the roof was okay for the short term but would need to be replaced.
We found that we would receive an estimate in a few days and Bryan and Tom would be in touch with us.
We received the estimate, and I looked it over, as I had suspected with the large size hail that was received, I had extensive damage. Bryan and Tom came by and I offered them the estimate as they looked the house, shop, and carport over. They came back and stated there were a few areas that might not have been captured as effectively as it should have on the estimate. Bryan and Tom wanted to look over the estimate further with their notes and provide me with an estimate, it was going to take a few days and Bryan and Tom would come back with options. I had wanted to check on the possibility of metal roofing.
I received an estimate from Bryan and Tom, with several options, to consider for the budget. The options were clear to understand, and any questions I had Bryan and Tom would answer. One item was convenient for me was that email and text were options they were available to communicate with as my schedule is very busy. For those that don’t text or email, they were available to talk over the phone, make an appointment if necessary, whatever was needed.
We decided on a metal roof and worked with my choice of Mueller Steel Buildings in Sherman which Bryan and Tom coordinated delivery.
Bryan and Tom worked with me on my roof ventilation and even coordinated giving me options to have the colors matched with the roof.
During Construction Bryan and Tom checked with the contractor and provided updates to the progress of the job. There were items found as they were working on the roof that needed captured to be placed in the estimate to be paid for. Bryan and Tom were not going to take a short cut, and there were some items I added and Bryan and Tom were very reasonable with costs associated with the additions. Bryan and Tom were always up front on costs and no surprises were encountered.
Bryan and Tom, kept me up to date on progress of the job, notified me of any item that was important, kept their areas cleaned up as reasonable as possible during construction of the roof. As construction progressed, I was amazed of the drone footage that Bryan and Tom provided, it was very reassuring that they were inspecting their work and providing me with information. When there was work that need to be redone, Bryan and Tom did it, they found it and were not hesitant to, do it right!
The new roof turned out great! It looks good, was on time and budget. Very Well Pleased!
Bryan and Tom, I would recommend to anyone for their roofing, or renovation needs. They are great guys to work with, very accommodating, inspect their work and their work has great craftsmanship and Quality that will have you satisfied with your project. They will do you a great Job!

Curtis Parr
Caddo, Oklahoma
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